Angelo's Timeline and Autobiography

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.Hi my name is Angelo. This is my autobiography

I like to play basketball.

Who Am I?
My full name is Angelo Marcial, my hair color is dark brown and my eyes are brown,
I am 4’11”. I am 12 years old and I was born on December 5, 2003. Yes, I was named after a Filipino T.V. Show. My birthstone is “Tanzanite” and my birth sign is “Sagittarius.”

I am the youngest any I am the only son in my family
My older sister’s name is Angelique and she helps me whenever I need her with anything. She is in her 2nd year of University. My mom’s name is Alma Marcial and she works as laundry worker and she likes to hang out with us. My dad stays at home to watch the foster baby that we have, he likes to watch baseball, and visit my grandma.
My mom was pregnant when she was in the Philippines then my mom, dad, and sister flew to Winnipeg and I was born here. My hometown in the Philippines is Cavite, Imus (Alapan)  
I have a half pug half Shih Tzu named Alexis and I love her so much. She has brown hair and she has big eyes. In my opinion she is the best dog in the world. She will be 9 on October 20th.

I live on a corner of the street. My house is white and purple because my mom likes purple. My bedroom is in the basement where I usually do my homework or play games. What I like about my house is I get to have my own space. I have never lived anywhere else.

Aiden is one of my best friends, I got close with him because of volleyball and I have been talking to him ever since. We also play with each other on play station four. I'm glad I have him as a friend because he's always there when I need him.
Aaron, the reason why I got close with him was because we’d always Skype when we were young and then we’ve been in the same class and we still talk to today. When ever I do talk to him we always laugh and have fun.

Audrey, ever since he moved to this school I talked to him and we got close until we found out that we were family friends and I always hang out/talk to him. I love talking and playing with him he's I treat him as a brother.

Theo, I became friends with him because of this one day one of my other friends got injured and Theo, and everyone helped him to the office including me. Then after that he was wondering if I wanted to play football with him. Now we still talk to this day.

There was this one time where Aaron and Theo slept over at my house and we tried to pull an all-nighter and it was funny because we almost fell asleep at times and we tried to scare each other.
I was at my friend’s Veni’s party and all my friends that I talk too were there and it was pretty cool to meet up. (Audrey, Ransley, Aiden, Yuan, Veni) We usually talk to each other on PS4, play basketball, or meet up

I'm outgoing, athletic, annoying, funny ( sometimes ), weird. One of my faults are forgetting to be organized. ( sometimes ). My hobbies are basketball, video games, fishing. I'm in bible school
( catechism ). In grade 6, I got a trophy for physical education. I admire Derrick Rose, people may say that he's not the greatest but I in my oponion he's a great player who as heart, humble, and sportsment ship. When I heard he had got injured my heart sanked. The reason why I liked him was because even though that was a horrible injury he never gave up. I'm really forward to seeing what he will do on his new team, The New York Knicks.

December 5, 2003
I was born!
September 7, 2006-2007
I went to Sargent Park
March of 2009-2010
We flew to the Philippines
July 1, 2012
I went to Minneapolis
August of 2013
I got my dog Alexis
July of 2016
I hanged out with my friends
August of 2016
I went to Edmonton, Calgary, Banff, and Lake Louise in August of 2016.

I am from Sargent Park and I have been here ever since I was 3 and I'm going up to end in sargent as 14. Our priciapal's name is Luba Krosney, she was from Lord Nelson School. I really love the Gym Riot it is just so fun and it's a great time to hang out with friends and the people in your classroom.

     I want to have a sucsessful education. I decided that I wanted to be a engineer arcitecht. I know it might be hard but I feel like I'd suite in, I'd say I'm pretty creative. I don't really know where I want to live but I know my goal is to have a bright future ahead of me.

    I honestly think I will be taller when I'm older. Yes, I know I'm really small but there are myths that if your the smallest in your group later on you'll be taller, I really hope thats true. I may look a lot diffrent maybe my face will change. Even my hair! When I'm 25 I will probably look more mature and serious.
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