Jonathan's Timeline and autobiography

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Hi my name is Jonny this is my autobiography

i like video games

Section #1:  The Bare Facts
  • Full Name: Jonathan Stuart Ellison
  • Hair and eye colour: Brown and Hazel                                                                                                                                                             JUNE →
  • Height: Medium
  • Age and Birth Date: 13 / June 12, 2003
  • Were you Named after anyone: My name is from the Bible and from my street name
Section #2:  Family.
1) Dad-Tall, skinny, strong, LAZY, Gamer
2) Mom- short, skinny, scary, teacher, artist
3) Step Dad- Tall, chubby, gamer, movies, eater, a cook
4) Alyssa-nice, singer, loud, fast
5) Olivia-Cute, singer, dancer, movies
6) David- Lego, creative, daredevil
7) Joshua- T.M.N.T, cute, F.N.A.F, movie
8) Me-med, skateboarder, biker, artist, Jurassic world

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