Jordan D's Timeline and Autobiography

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Hi my name is Jordan D. This is my autobiography.

I like to play Basketball.

                                                                     Who Am I?
Section #1: The Bare Facts
-My name is jordan Deocareza, my hair colour is black and my eye colour is dark brown. My height is 5"1". I am 12 years old, and i was born in November 19, 2003. I was not named after anyone, my birth sign is scorpio, and my birth stone is Citrine
Section #2: Family
-Middle position in the family
-Little Brother: Black Hair, Brown eye colour, Small, smart, and lazy.
Older Sister: Black Hair, Brown eye colour, Tall, smart and kind.
Mom: Brown Hair, brown eye colour, Small, kind, and a loving mother.
Dad: Black Hair, Black eye colour, Tall, kind, and smart.
-My Ethnic Origin is Filipino
-I Have No pets
Section #3: Your Home
-My House looks big from the outside but in the inside it looks small, the colour of my house is peach and little bit of light brown, in the inside of the house we have 3 rooms and 1 guest room and 2 washrooms and 1 garage .
-In the past we lived at my uncle’s house.
Section #4: Friends over the Years
-Here is a list of my friends and what I like about them.
-Kerwin: What I like about him is he is the funniest person I met.
-Robyn:  He taught me how to improve my handles, and how to shoot in basketball.
-David: What I like about him is the fact that he is the kindest person I met in school.
Section #5: You   
- I am kinda shy, i do not like being with people that i don’t really talk to.
-I am bad at Math
-My Hobbies are: Basketball, Video games, Movies.
-I do not want to be in Any clubs.
-I admire Michael Jordan              
Section #6: Timeline
November, 19, 2003
I was born
april 12, 2010
I learned how to swim
December 24, 2011
I got a PsP
January, 16 2014
I got a IPad
July 9, 2014
I came to Canada
July 6, 2015
We went camping
July, 14, 2016
I got a PS4

Section #7: School Days
-The name of my school is Sargent Park, Mrs. Krosney is the name of my principal, She is a kind Principal. The best time i had at school was At the 7th grade Halloween Dance, Why this was the best time for me at school is because me and my friends and we just talked the whole dance, and we had a fun time i even learned some things that didn’t know from my friends.
Section #8: Future Plans
-I don’t know what i want to be when i'm older. I hope that i would live in L.A( Los Angeles) in a Decent apartment. when i’m twenty-five years old i think i will look like this: Short hair, dark hair, small and skinny.

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