Matthew's Timeline and autobiography

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Hi my name is Matthew. This is my autobiography

I like to Pug

My autobiography
Section # 1: The Bare Facts
Matthew Edward Gouge
Brown hair, brown eyes
Height: 63 inches/ 160.02
13 4/4
I was not named after anyone
I was born at 10:16 PM
My full name is Matthew Edward Gouge. I have brown hair and eyes, my height is 63 inches or 160.02 centimeters. I am thirteen years old and my birthday is on April 4th, I wasn’t named after anyone as far as I know and I was born at 10:16 PM.
Section #2: Family
I’m the second youngest in my family
Dad’s side:
Justin: Smart, religious, Computer programmer, acts like a five year old.
Siri: religious
Dad: religious, questionable
Mom’s side
Mom: Makes me do chores
Nana: Wants me to get off the computer
My ethnic origin is British and Scandinavian
My pets are:
Nate, pug, 3 years, black fur
Smuggly, pug, 13 years, fawn fur
Abby, Chug (Chihuahua + Pug), 2 years, fawn fur,
I’m the second youngest person in my family. On my Dad’s side there’s Justin, Siri, and Dad. On my mom’s side, there’s my Mom and my Nana. My ethnic origins are scandinavian and British. My pets are Nate, Smuggly, and Abby
Section #3: Your Home
I live in a two story house with a backyard, basement, dining room, living room, kitchen, bedroom, second bedroom, and bathroom.
I have never moved anywhere
I live in a two story house that has a backyard, basement, dining room, living room, kitchen, bedroom, second bedroom, bathroom, spare room, food room, laundry room, and 3-4 closets, and I have always lived at the same house.
Section #4: Friends Over the Years
My friends over the years are/were:
Ryan: 2004 – now, I don’t know what I like about people
Aaron: 2014 – 2015, same as above
Jared: 2015 – now, we share a sense of humor
Me and Jared share a sense of humor

Section #5: Me
My personality is INTP (introverted, intuitive, thinking, and prospecting), my personality traits (more specifically) are: Introverted, smart, Math-loving, Not a morning person, lazy, and satirical
I’m a cerebral narcissist
I like math, Pokémon, and pugs
No I was too lazy to join any clubs
I’ve won two bronze medals in Karate, before you assume I’m good at it, there was only four people
I admire myself.
My personality type is INTP, my personality traits (more specifically) are introverted, smart, math-loving, not a morning (or night) person, lazy, and satirical. I am also a cerebral narcissist (a know-it-all). I like math, Pokemon, and pugs
I was born.
I made an autobiography
learned how to tie my shoes
Got my first pug, Nate
Had my 18th birthday
Got my first video game: Pokemon Platinum

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