Yasmin's Timeline and Autobiography

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Hi my name is Yasmin. This is my autobiography.

I like to play Cricket.

               WHO AM I?
  1. Name -Yasmin Deen.
  2. Brown eyes and brown hair.
  3. Height, 5 ft.
  4. Age, 12. Birth date 10 November,2003
  5. No, I wasn’t named after anyone.
  6. My birth stone colour is Citrine and my birth sign is  SCORPIO

We are no one without our family. Without our family, we wouldn’t be where we are right now. They’re the one who support us in difficult times and support us no matter how difficult or complicated the matter is.

My family has 3 members, my mother, father, and me. Basically I am the youngest. My mother works at a Day Care, she has short brown hair and brown eyes. She is a very caring person but she can be very strict at times. My father has brown eyes and short brown hair. He works at Tim Horton's and he’s the manager there. My father is the funny person in my family, he always finds a way to make me and my mother laugh. We are all East Indians.
I have 8 cats and one parrot for my pet. My parrot’s name is Polly, he is 8 years old. I got him when I was 4 years old.
I have lots of cats so I can’t list all of their names. The name of the one living right now is Ginger. I found Ginger at my school when I was in sixth grade. She gave birth to 2 kittens but I never saw them because I moved to Canada before they were born.

I live in a small white and grey house now. The house has 3 bedrooms. My bedroom is opposite my parent’s and the other one is in the basement. The back of our house isn’t really that spacious but we do have a little garden. At the front of my house there are lots of colourful flowers which my parents and I planted.
I lived in a country called Guyana. Guyana is located in South America which is below North America.                                                                        
November 10th
I was born
I took my first step
I said my first sentence
I got my first step
I performed on stage for the first time
I ate pork for the first time
I moved to Canada

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