Darshan's Autobiography and Timeline

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Hi my name is Darshan. This is my autobiography.

I like to play basketball.

Who Am I?
Section #1: The Bare Facts
    Hello my name is Darshan Singh. I have black hair and black eyes as well. I think I might be around 5’ 5’’ or 1.64 meters. I am currently 13 years old and I was born on May 28, 2003. I’m not really sure where my name comes from but it is a word in Hindi. I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I am a Gemini and my birthstone is emerald.

Section #2: Family
There are four people in my family, my dad, my mom, my sister and me. I am the youngest in the family, then it’s my sister, my mom and the oldest in our family is my dad. My dad’s name is Sukhvinder Singh, he is 6’ tall, and he is caring, funny and nice. My mom’s name is Kawaljit Singh and she is around 5’ 3’’, she is nice, loving and gentle. My sister’s name is Gurpreet Singh, she is 5’4’’, and she’s funny, cool and nice. Most of my relatives are in India, my grandparents, some of my uncles and aunts, as well as some of my cousins of my dad’s side are in Winnipeg. We are in contact with mostly my grandparents, not really meeting my aunts and uncles or cousins. All of my mom’s side of relatives are in India. We talk to then using skype or my mom calls them over the phone. We do not have any pets, but if we did it might be a dog or a fish.

Section #3: Your Home  
    I have only lived in one house in my life. It’s nearby Wellington School, not so far from Sargent Park. In my opinion it’s a nice house. We renovated it over the summer, mainly the fence, and the paint. We have three bedrooms, one in the basement and two upstairs, a living room, a kitchen and two washrooms one upstairs and one downstairs. I think our basement is about the size of our main floor.  We do have an attic but we do not use it.

Section #4: Friends over the year
    Over the school years I had a lot of fun, nice friends. It all started at nursery, I’m not really sure who I was, and I guess I just hung out with everyone, same goes with kindergarten. In grade 1, I had one best friend, his name was Miguel. My best time spent with him was play with him at recess, I guess I was playing tag with him most of the time. I’m not sure what school, he goes to now, he moved in the summer of grade 1. In grade 2 and 3 I had a couple of friends, their names were, Begna, Jamie, and Linh. The best thing I did with them was also playing at recess and talking to them. After grade 6 we left our old school, Jamie and Linh went to Grand Park School, and Begna and I went to Sargent Park School together. In grade 4, 5, and 6 I had made two new friends, I did talk to my old friends but only occasionally. The two new friends that I made were named Joriz and John. They were nice and funny. The best times I had with them were talking with them, and playing four square, tag and in grade 5 and 6 I played basketball with John, I have had many fun exciting memories with them. After grade 6 they both moved to Sargent Park School with me. At grade seven I made 2 new friends as well. I talked and hung out with Joriz a lot, we were in the same class, but I didn’t spent that much time with John because he was in another class, but we talked and worked together in option classes, lunch and sometimes after school to play basketball. The two new friends that I made are named Coel and Jherswin, and Joriz was already my friend. The best times we had were hanging out at lunch and talking in class, sometimes when we shouldn’t have ☺. Now I am in grade 8 I hang out with my old friends from grade 7, but were not in the same class. I’ve had many more different friends but these are my best, best friend that I can trust, and are funny and nice.

Section #5: You
    In my opinion my personality is weird. I’m usually shy around people who I don’t know or do not spent a lot of time with them. With my friend, family or other people I feel comfortable with I am, ongoing, free and crazy. Well I don’t have any faults, um I’m sort of perfect, just kidding I think one of my biggest faults would be editing. Some of my interests are playing with my friends or alone, reading, origami or other crafts, and playing games usually mobile games. Along the years I’ve been in many clubs and teams. Some of them are from my old school but some of them are from my current school Sargent Park School. The ones from Sargent Park School are the basketball team, cross-country and guitar club. The ones from my previous school, Wellington School are gym helpers club, comic book club, soccer team, and numerous different sports teams that Mr. Ready, gym teacher used to do at lunch, which were open to everyone. I’ve won some different medals and plaques across the years.  I’ve won a couple medals in Wellington, my old school, i have some science fair medals and plaque, one pythagoras math contest medal, and one plaque that i got at sargent park school.

Section #7: School Days
The current school that I go to is called Sargent Park School. Our principal's name is Mrs. Krosney, she is an amazing principal, one fact about her is that she has blond hair. The best time that I had at school was the bouncy, bouncy day, it was basically like a mini carnival, there were some inflated structures and a lazer tag place.

Section #8: Future Plans
I'm not really sure how i’d want my future to be like. After i'm done studying in Sargent Park, i will probably move to DMCI. From there i'm not sure, i might go to the University of Manitoba. I’m thinking of becoming a doctor, i’m not sure if i actually will, only time will tell. I would like to travel to India once, i’ve never been there before, in India I would meet my relatives and look around. In the future I would wish to live in Winnipeg still. When i am twenty-five years old i would be a little taller, maybe around 6 feet. I think i would still look the same.


May. 28, 2003
I was born
December. 14, 2004
I said my first word “mama”
March.21, 2004
I started walking
Started nursery
June.30 2010
Won first award
June 30 2015
Finished grade six, left Wellington school.
June.30 2016
Finished grade seven

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