Chak Nass Timeline

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Hi my name is Chak Nass                                                          


Who Am I
Section#1: The Bare Facts
Full Name: Chak Nass Veat Teep Kim
Hair and eye colour: Black and Brown
Age and birth date: 13 and May, 6, 2003
Were you named after anyone? No
Interesting facts about me and birthstone: Emerald, Taurus,  

Section#2: Family    
Where do you fit in the family position: ONLY
Describe each member of your family:
Include a family picture is possible:
What is your ethnic origin: Cambodia  
Any pets: 9 goldfish and 2 birds

Section#3: your home
Describe your home that you live in now: It has a red roof  
Have you lived any else before: yes I have when I was a baby I had lived in a house

SECTION#4: Friends over the Years
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