Justin's Timeline and Autobiography

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Hi my name is Justin. This is my autobiography.

I like to play minecraft.

Who am I?

Section #1: The Bare Facts
My full name is Justin Miguel Madrigal Saranillo. My hair color is black and my eyes are brown, also I have glasses. My height is 5’0”. I am 12 years old and I was born on November 24, 2003.
No, I was not named after anyone. I was born a month early. I was also in an incubator for a week. My birthstone is yellow topaz and citrine. My birth sign Sagittarius and his element is fire.
Section#2: Family
I am the oldest and only son in my family. My younger sister is named Jasmyn, she has Brown eyes and they look like Chinese eyes. Her height is all the way up to my chin. She has black hair and she also wears glasses. She is in grade 5.  My mom`s name is Irene she is about my height, she has brown eyes and black hair. She works at Clifton School, the school where my sister goes to. My dad`s name is Agapito. His height is 5’9”. His dad and grandad was also name Agapito. He likes basketball and works at price industries (he`s a draftsman).   I am a filipino. I am from Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines.

Section#3:  Your Home
I live in a duplex across from my school. It has a pretty living room, okay kitchen, cold basement, nice bathroom, and 2 bedrooms.My bedroom is the small one. My bed is pretty cozy, no cover and 3 bins beside it. What I like the best about the house is it's nice square wooden flooring. The backyard has a garage and has a parking space. Before we lived in my house, we lived in a couple of houses before that. We used to live at a house back in the Philippines. I still have some memories about it being built. Then we moved to an apartment where one of my classmates lived because of a flood. But when the water was gone, and almost everything was fixed( though we still lost a lot of stuff like my medals) we moved back. Then we moved to Canada. First we stayed at my dad's aunt's house for the first few months. The we moved to a gray apartment building on Beverly St. near Notre Dame. We stayed there for about 2 years. Then one of my mom’s friends and co-worker told her that her friends parents house was for sale. So we checked out the house and we bought it. That is the house we live in today. We have lived here for 4 years now.

Section #4: Friends over the years   
Some of my friends over the years are Arthur, T.J, Dang, Arif, Uzziel, Dean and Laverny. Arthur:  He`s one of my good friends that go to Sargent park. I like him because he and I both like to draw. T.J:  He`s one of my oldest friends. I met him in grade 1. I like him because when we were kids, a group of us played soccer and he and I played together. Dang: Dang was one of the first friends I made when we moved to Canada. What I liked  the best about him is because he could always make me laugh when I was a kid. Arif: When I entered my grade 1 classroom here in Canada, I was put sitting next to Arif. The thing that I liked about him is he's a good soccer player. When we still had recess, He and I would play on the same soccer team. Uzziel: He was my oldest friend. We both knew each other back in the Philippines. He and his family moved to Canada when he was just 3 years old. So when we moved to Canada I sorta didn't remember him. But we started hanging out and we became friends again. What I like about him is that we have a lot in common. WE both like video games, soccer, architecture,etc. Dean: I met him about 2-3 years ago. He is a good friend. Sometimes he tells me to stop playing video games when people are around. Uzziel agrees with him. What I like about him is he's a good friend and we both watch anime. Laverny: I met him 2-3 years ago. What I like about him is because he’s really easy to talk to. One of the best time I had with my school friends was when we were still in elementary school the grade 4,5, and 6`s went to Assiniboine park  and we just played for the whole day. We played volley ball, soccer, we flew kites and ate barbecue. We even roasted marshmallows. The other time I had fun with my friends was with Uzziel, Dean and Laverny. It was very recent 2-3 weeks away from the start of the school year. We all went to Kildonan park to have a party/ picnic. We raced and played games on the field. We played a game where we were blindfolded and had to touch the adults faces to find out which one were our parents.

Section #5: You   
I am a loud person. I am a bookworm. I like to sleep. I am little. Most of the time I am hungry. One of my faults is always forgetting something like taking out the trash. Some of my hobbies are playing video games, watching and reading. When I was a 7 or 8, my dad signed me up for lego club. I still get 5 magazines per year. I have won medals when I was a kid in kindergarten. I also have 3 principal honour roll awards and a citizenship award. I admire my mom because she cooks, clean, washes and does most of the chores in the house and still have time for us kids.

Section #6: Timeline
November24, 2003
The day I was born.
November 24, 2006
I got a baby sister.
April 30, 2010
I came to Canada.
July, 2013
I visited Toronto, Ontario and went to Canada`s Wonderland.
July, 2014
I came back to the Philippines for a month.
August 1, 2015
We went to Lilac resort and went swimming.

I went to Edmonton, Jasper, Banff, and Calgary in the last week of July of 2016.

Section #7: School Days
I go to Sargent Park School. Our principal`s name is Mrs. Krosney and she used to be a principal at Lord Nelson. The best time I had at school was when we took a field trip to Wheelies. There was a food bar there with some arcade games and a roller rink. There was music playing and disco. It was so fun!

Section #8: Future Plans
When I’m older I would like to be an architect. I want to design buildings and build monuments. I hope to live in Brooklyn, New york because that's where they have a museum filled with bibles.
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