Paul's Timeline and Autobiography

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Hi my name is Paul this is my autobiography.

I like basketball

Who am I?
Section # 1: The Bare Facts  
My name is Paul Concha I’m 5’2” my hair colour is black and my eye colour is brown. My birthday is in September 24 2003 my birthstone is sapphire my birth sign is Libra.
Section # 2: Family
I am the oldest out of my two sister the people in my family are my mom, dad, two sister and my grandma. My mom works as a health care aid and my dad works at maple leaf foods.
Section # 3: Your Home
My house is at Strathcona Street, it is a small home and it is close to the school my living room has plenty of space and my kitchen also has plenty of space it has a bar and LED lights under the covers. My parents room is kind of big they have a king size bed and a big closet. My sister’s bed room also kind of looks big and it has a bunked bed. My room is downstairs in the basement it is the biggest room in the house I have a single bed a chair and a computer desk and two medium sized closet.
Section # 4: Friends Over the years
My friends over the year are Gabriel,Begna,Jasper,Arthur and Josh
Section # 5: You
My personality’s are shy, athletic, active, energetic and honest. My hobbies are games, basketball and cooking. My only bad habit is I procrastinate and my good habit is i try to go outside everyday to get exercise.  

Section #6: Timeline
September 24, 2003
I was born
August, 2004
My first visit to my grandma in the country
June, 2007
I went to school
November 6 2008
My sister is born
May 6, 2011
I went to Canada
August 4, 2013
My baby sister is born
July 30, 2016
I went to a wedding

Section #7: School Days
The School I go to is Sargent Park School it has wonderful staffs and a very nice principal her name is Mrs Krosney. In Sargent Park there is many events and the one that i had the most fun is Activity Day it’s like a carnival there’s big slide,cotton candy and many games.
Section #8: Future Plans
For my future plans i want to finish school and university. After that i want to pursue on a decent job like a health care aide or a nurse. I would also like to travel to new places and explore their county. As for how I look i think i would look like a 5’9” guy with short hair i might weigh about 135 lbs and maybe a little facial hair.       

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