Shaira's timeline and autobiography

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Hi my name is Shaira, and this is my Autobiography

Who am I?
Section #1: The Bare Facts
  • My full name is Shaira Alliah Talam Santana.
  • I have black hair and dark brown eyes.
  • My height is 5’0.
  • My birthday is April 3, 2003 and I’m 13 years old.
  • My mom said my name was from a movie.
  • My birthstone is a diamond, and my birth sign is Aries.
Section #2: Family
  • I’m the oldest sibling.
  • My mom works in the morning so I only get to see her in the afternoon, she works at the airport. She is very nice and she is also really funny, but when you get her mad then you’re in trouble. My dad works from 5pm to 1am so I rarely get to see him, I only see him in the mornings. My dad is also very nice, his birth sign is Gemini so I like to think he has 2 personalities, he has a nice friendly side and he also has a side that makes you very afraid of him. My brother is 10 and he goes to Clifton School, he can be annoying but he’s really nice and funny. When we go out, which is usually weekends, we go to a lot of different places in Canada and it’s really fun and cool to see the different lakes and landmarks.
  • I’m Filipino
  • I use to have 7 pet fish but they all died, I think I didn’t feed them and they started eating each other. I saw a fish without eyeballs and half his body was missing. I really want a dog, but my mom doesn’t like them. I want a Pomeranian and Beagle mix.
Section #3: Your Home
  • I live in a 2 story house, we have 4 bedrooms, bathrooms, a nice kitchen, dining room, and living room, and I have a small but decent basement. My backyard is pretty small but we have a lot of vegetable plants and flowers. I like the basement the best because that’s where my Xbox is that’s where I spend most of my time on. This is the 4th house we moved to, we lived in and apartment, and a condo with my grandma, a small house that has someone living in the basement, and now we have our own house.  
Section #4 Friends over the Years
  • I don’t remember my friends in the Philippines, I have 1 friend that moved away to a different school, she was the best, we use to talk about weird and stupid stuff, and always hang out. We’ve been friends for 3 years grade 5-7, she was the only one that I talk to and she gets me, she’s not a diva like most girls here, she’s not mean but when we pick on each other it’s not meant to be taken seriously. When she moved away I was very lonely, I never made new friends, I still haven’t, but I’m not planning on making any. I just want to finish school and get a good job so I can help my family. I made a new friend at church we’re both awkward and she’s really nice.
  • I really liked the time when it was almost the end of the school year, we weren’t really doing much at school so we decided to go to my place. We watched weird, gross and stupid videos on YouTube and ate a lot of ice cream. Another time was when me and my friend from church were on Omegle and we were trolling people.  
  • My old friend, the one that moved away really liked to play guitar so we would always go to guitar club if we had time. My friend from church would always talk about things we watch on YouTube and/or Harambe.  

Section #5: You
  • I am very shy and not really a people person because I’m very awkward around them and when they try to make small talk it’s really weird. But once you get to know me I’m not so bad, I can be a little stubborn sometimes. I’m also a little bit of a psycho, I think I see ghost, because I think my house is haunted. I’m also a little bit of a tomboy, like ever since I was 3 I always played with cars not dolls and I hated dresses I still do, but my mom still forces me to wear them on special occasions. Also I like buying things from the boys section whenever we go shopping. I’m weird.
  • My hobbies are playing video games and cooking. The games I’m currently trying to finish are Resident Evil 6 and Mirror’s Edge. I also really like playing soccer and hockey.  
Section #7: School Days
  • I go to Sargent Park  School, our principal is very nice, she use to be the principal of Lord Nelson. I went to that school when I was in grade 3 and 4.
  • I remember when I was in Grade 7 I had a lot of fun in the Pumpkin Olympics.
Section #8: Future Plans
  • I really want to finish school, and learn more about electronics. Things like circuits, how they work how to build them and why do they work. When I get older I want to be a car or computer mechanic because I'm very interested in electronics, cars, and other things like that.


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