Joshua Autobiography and Timeline

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Hi my name is Joshua

Who Am I
Section # 1: The Bare Facts
Full Name: Joshua Kenneth Venus
Hair and eye colour: Hair/Black, Eye/Brown
Age and birth date: Age/12 Birthdate/December 16, 2003
Were you named after anyone? : No one
Birthstone: Zircon
Birth Sign: None
Section # 2: Family
Where do you fit in the family position? Only Child
Describe Family:
Family Picture:
Ethnic Background: Philippines
Pets: Cat
Section # 3: Your Home
Describe your home: 2 Story House.
Lived anywhere else:

Section # 4: Friends over the years
List of friends:
Two best times with friends:
Hobbies/Interest you share/do with friends:

December 16th,2003
I was born

I went to Thunder bay August 2016

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