Derick's Timeline and Autobiography

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HI my name is Derick. This is my autobiography.

Who am I?
Section #1: Bare Facts
My full name is Derick Gil Dizon Mallari, I have dark brown hair and also my eyes is brown. I’m 5’4” or 5’5”. I was born on May 16, 2003 and I’m 13 years old. I was named after my mom’s brother whose named “Gil”. Emerald is my birthstone for the month of May. My zodiac sign is Taurus
Section #2: Family
I’m the last/youngest child in my family. My dad is always hardworking and also he sometime made me laugh, my mom is really really caring for our family, she always made me laugh, happy etc. My two brother is really MEAN because they always tease me for something etc. but they also made me laugh so hard and sometime they take me where I always want to go. My sister is kinda funny, but she always tease me something like crush, going somewhere alone. I think i have Family picture in my USB. I’m a Filipino/ Canadian and I’m also a catholic. I have two pet in my house. I have 10 fish and 3 guinea pig.
Section #3: Your Home
My house has 6 bedroom, 2 washroom, 2 living room, 2 kitchen, and basement. I used to lived in the Philippines with our house in the Philippines.
Section #4: Friends over the Years
I had a lot of friend that I’ve over the years, My best friend forever in the Philippines, his name is Kyle He my BFF for 7 years, we always play outside of my house, we talked a lot. It was so much FUN because he made me happy, laugh even when I cry, sad, hurt etc. We always play Basketball, Soccer and more sports.
Section #5: You
My personality was a bit shy, crazy, athletic, nice and a bit of stubborn. Sometime I was a bit of stubborn at home because I was doing some really stupid things. I really love going out with my family, I also really love playing sports because I think I want to stay fit and I don’t think that I have my habit. I used to play basketball team outdoor with my brother. I’m part of Sargent Park Athletic Team. I won an award “Best in Math” in the Philippines and “Outstanding player” last years

Section #7: School Days
I went to school in Sargent Park School, my principal named is Ms. Krosney, she nice, smart etc. My best time at school was spending with my friend at lunch.
Section #8: Future Plans
My hope is to complete my goal for education and then I want to travel all the world, I would like to be a basketball player because I want to earn a lot of money. When I’m older, I would live in United State because I can earn money for playing an NBA player. I had no idea what my face gonna look like when I’m 25 years old. I guess I might look healthy.

May 16, 2003
I was born
July 2005
I had surgery
June 2008
I started school
March 30, 2009
I migrated to Canada
October 2010
I was diagnosed with severe profound hearing loss
September 2013
I went back to Philippines
August 2016
I went to Minnesota, U.S.A

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