Joshua's Timeline and Autobiography

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Hi my name is Joshua this is my autobiography.

i like pizza
Who am I?
Section # 1: The Bare Facts
My name is Joshua Ancheta. My hair is black and my eyes are dark brown. My birthdate is December 5, 2003, my birthstone is the blue topaz and my birth sign is the Sagittarius. When I was born my name was supposed to be prince but my mom thought it was weird so she changed it to Joshua.
Section #2: Family
The people in my family are my dad, mom, sister, and my brother. I am the oldest out of my two siblings and we are all Filipinos.  My brother is in kindergarten and my sister is at grade 1, also my mom’s job is at the health care center and my dad’s job is designing t-shirts.
 Section #3: Your Home
My house is at Dominion St, it is a very small home but it looks big in the inside. When your first walk in you will find yourself in the kitchen, the kitchen is very packed with food, stoves and other kitchen stuff. Then if you move to your right you will find yourself in the living room. The living room contains the TV, couch, and other stuff. Then if you go straight you will be at the hallway connecting my bedroom, my parent’s bed room, and the bathroom. We have basement but we only go down there when we have to do the laundry.
Section #4: Friends Over the Years
The friends I’ve had over the year were Paul, Begna, and Edsher. I'm friends with them because they are all chill. What i like best about Paul is that he is really outgoing. What i like about Begna is that he really smart, and what I like about Edsher is that he is that he is really funny.
Section #5: You
I’ve been shy my whole life, I really energetic, i’m kinda athletic, i’m really over sensitive, and I find myself overreacting a lot. I love cooking, sewing, and video games. my faults are that i'm oversensitive and I care what people think of me. I’ve won 1 award when I was 6 and I admire my mom because she is a hard worker
Section #7: School Days
the name of the school i am in is sargent park school, the name of the principle in sargent park is Mrs. Krosney. The best time i've had at school is when i'm in the sewing class because it’s a very calm and nice environment to be in
Section #8 Future Plans
I hope to become a doctor because I think it's a fun job and it pays really well, I want to attend the university of manitoba and I want to accomplish being a doctor. I hope to live in toronto because i’ve heard a lot of good things about it and it’s not that far from winnipeg. When i am 25 years old i'll probably have the same haircut, maybe a tattoo, and have a stubble.

I am
December 5, 2003
I was born
i won a fishing award
My sister was born
I went to Disney World
My brother was born
I went to Disney World again
I got a haircut

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