Bono's Timeline & Autobiography

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Hi my name is Bono, This is my autobiography

Who I am? Section #1: The Bare Facts My full name is Bono Asis Binongcal My hair colour is black, and my eyes are brown. I am 12 and my birthday is December, 16 2003. 5’7” I am named after my dad’s favourite band lead singer “Bono”, U2. My birthstone is “Tanzanite”. My Zodiac[birth sign] is “Sagittarius” Section #2: Family I am the only child. My mom is very caring, loving and she cleans and cooks and does grocery, also very hard working. My dad is hardworking and very loving and drives me to school I’m Filipino and my home country is Philippines born and raise, where most of my days. I came to Canada when I was 7 years old. Section #3: Your home I live in an Apartment, it has 2 bedrooms for me and my parents, 1 bathroom. My favourite room is my room because I could do anything I could do anything there. Section #4: Friends over the years I and my friends have special bond, my friends are really fun and helpful and they make me really happy. My best time was when we were just hanging out and it was just us for hours Section #5: You I am usually a annoying friend and loud i am funny, athletic but sometimes shy. One of my faults i've regretted are stealing a 100 dollar bill from the ground and somebody ask me about the hundred dollar bill and i said “idk” One of my favourite hobbies is playing basketball and video games and just hanging out with friends. I go volleyball and basketball. Section #6: Timeline The 7 most exciting things in my life are Date Event December,16 2003 I was born December,16 2003. My parents mariage The year i went to Sargent. Last time i was in the Phillippines. August 2016 I went to play Basketball in the Summer.
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