Oghie's Timeline and Autobiography

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Hi my name is Oghie. This is my autobiography.

I like playing League of Legends.

Section#1: The Bare Facts
  • My full name is Myckel Roghie Castillo.
  • My hair colour is black, and my eye colour is brown.
  • My height is 5’3”.
  • I am 13 years old, and my birthday is on June 23rd, 2003.
  • I am not named after someone.
  • My birth sign is Cancer.
  • My birthstone is Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone.
 My real name is Myckel Roghie Castillo but they call me Oghie and my hair color is black, my eye color is brown. My height is 5'3". I am 13 years old, and my birthday is on June 23rd, 2003. I am not named after someone, and my birth sign is Cancer. My birthston is Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone.
       Section#2: Family                                                                                                                                           
  • I am the oldest in my family.
  • My family is actually funny because if something is wrong with one of us they turn it into a joke.
  • I was born in the Philippines and my nationality is Filipino and my first language is Tagalog.
  • I don’t have any pet, but if I would get one I want a dog because they have so many hairs and it feels good when you cuddle with them.
Section#3: Your Home
  • I live in an apartment and it has 1 bedroom, 1 living room, and 1 kitchen. The thing that I like the most about my apartment is the living room because when I’m really tired I just lay in the couch and watch movie and it feels really good when you just lay down at the couch.
  • I haven’t lived anywhere else before except in the Philippines but when I came here, my cousins and aunties and uncles already got as an apartment because there is no any other apartments near here at Sargent Park School when we came to Canada. I also want to live in New York when I get a good job and hopefully to get my friends and family to live there with me.

Section#4: Friends Over The Years
  • I have a lot of friends and most of them are Filipino because Filipino’s get together easy, and they became my friends because my dad and all my friends dad are really close friends and they are really nice because we’ve been friends since I was like 2 years old the best times that I’ve had with my friends was when we were on the beach in the Philippines, we thought the big log was a sea crocodile an then we started running and all of us slipped while we run. LOL!
  • When me and my friends don’t know what to do in one of their house we just go outside and play basketball or just play inside or watch YouTube.
Section #5: Me
  • If it’s the start of the school and don’t have anyone to talk to, I am really shy but once I get along with most of the people in my school I get really hype and energetic because I got so many people to talk too.
  • I have a lot of faults but I’m only going to include some of them, my first fault is when I sprint the cross country practices and slow down or walk not even half way the loop and that’s one of the thing that I need to work on. And my second fault is when I borrow something from someone or a place like the library, they would make me pay even though it has only been overdue for only 1 day and I really got to fix that so I don’t waste money anymore just by getting a book or CD overdue.
  • I look at being an engineer when I grow up because I want to make huge buildings and I also want to make good and nice sports cars. And my hobbies are playing video games on my computer and watching YouTube too.
  • Last year I got in the basketball and volleyball team because I tried my best and hardest to get in the team and this year I’m looking forward at getting in both basketball and volleyball team.
  • I have won the valedictorian award when I was in grade.1 and I also won a lot of medals when I was in gr.1 and 1 because when I was a kid I was really smart, but no anymore and I hope to get that ability back.
  • The person who I admire is Kyrie Irving because he can dribble the ball really good that he would make someone break his ankle and he can also shoot good, his team (Cleveland Cavalier) also won the NBA championship this year and defeated the Golden State Warriors, I also admire Stephen Curry because his really good at shooting the ball far but Kyrie Irving is better at handles.
Section#6: School Days
  • My school name is Sargent Park and our principal name is Ms.Krosney.
  • The best time that I ever had in school was when I made it at the volleyball team, because for me making the gr.8 volleyball team is a dream come true and it really means a lot to me.
Section#8: Future Plans
  • In the future I want to go to Dubai because Dubai is a really rich country and it is also a very beautiful country to bring your family too. Dubai is a really good place to relax and chill because they have big resorts with good views and even enormous beach’s. Dubai also has a pretty looking plane called The Emirates, the Emirates has a bar inside and you can even take a bath on board.


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