Audrey's Timeline and Autobiography

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Hi my name is Audrey. This is my autobiography.

I like to play video games

Section # 1: The Bare Facts
  • Audrey Miguel Legaspi
  • Black hair black eye
  • 5’4
  • 13  September 2 2003
  • No
  • Sapphire
Section # 2: Family
  • I am the youngest in my family
  • Black hair, black eyes, regular skin, hardworking
  • i have a dog name joe but he died because he got heatstroke

Section # 3: Your Home
  • My living room is big, my bedroom is small but not us caretaker owns it.
  • My uncle sponsored us and then he has a apartment.
Section # 4: Friends Over the Years

  • My friend John and Derrick they are playful, lovely, Friendly, kindness and Respectful.
  • John, Derrick and I were playing Basketball in Wellington School we played 3 vs 3 during recess time and sometimes we played horse and i always lose. Also grateful for jesus because he gave me a friend like Derrick and John.
  • My hobbies is playing video games, reading, drawing, and cooking.
Section # 5 You
  • Shy
  • Athlete
  • Hardwork
  • Gentleman
  • Lovely
Section # 6: School Days
  • Sargent Park School
  • Luba Krosney she’s Lovely, Respectful, Responsible, Tireless said to have a Good Learning Day.
  • The best i had at school is Basketball Tournament.
Section # 7:  Future Plans

  • I wanna be a Basketball Player because i want to help my parents in their old age, especially my grandma and my grandpa i tell them i have a promised when i get a job i will give them some money to pay the house bills.
  • I wanna live to US because there’s a lot of employment and my mother’s aunt is there to help me.

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