Troy's Timeline and Autobiography

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Hi, my name is Troy.  This is my  autobiography.

I like playing videogames.

Who am I?
Section #1: The Bare Facts
 My Full name is Jethro Nikolas Alberto Garcia (Troy), I have black hair and brown eyes my height is 5’5’’. My Age is 13 and my birthday is Aug 30, 2003, I was not named after anyone. My birth sign is Virgo and my birthstone is Peridot.
Section #2: Family
 I am in the middle in the family position, my Mom large brown eyes, black long hair, she is smart, loving, and kind to me and my siblings. My Dad has small brown eyes with glasses, short black hair, he is loving, strong, and brave. Louis my big brother has normal sized brown eyes with contacts, short black hair, tall height, he is athletic, smart, and strong. My sister Kim has small brown eyes with glasses, long black hair, short height, she is smart, and clever. My little sister Bea has normal sized brown eyes with glasses, long black hair, smart, and athletic. My Ethnic origin is Filipino and i have no more pets.
Section #3: Your Home
My House is kind of big but in the inside it’s not that big and not that small, we have 3 bedrooms and I share bedrooms with my brother and my backyard is small. We have 1 washroom and 1 car garage. I once lived with my aunt but then we moved.
Section #4: Friends Over the years
These are all listed from the past to today:
Coel, He helped me get things done in gr 4. Ella, She helped me also in stuff, but now she moved. Will (Bestfriend): Will is one of the best people i met, he understands me and gets my passion. Rainer, he is one of my old friends and the most memorable , no matter what he is still the same person and still dark. Maybe. Joris, he  is the guy i sat beside with in gr 7 and he became my friend later on, we talk a lot. Harry(Best Friend), Harry is one of my Best Friend, i met him in gr 6. We had a lot in common and he has been the first filipino to talk tagalog to me. Me, him and Will were great best friends. But now he moved to somewhere else and in a new school. Adrian, I also met Adrian in gr 6, along with Harry.  He too was filipino and was new in this school before. We still hangout today and we talk a lot in gr 6, and now it was not that much.Robyn, he is a friend i met in gr 7, he was my first friend to play with in my ps4. We played a lot of gta v and we talked a lot too.

Section #5: You
 I amshy, outgoing, and Friendly , I am not that good at being athletic. My hobbies are video games, horror movies, and biking. I am not in any clubs, i have not won any trophies, I admire noone.

Section #6: Timeline

Aug 30, 2003
I was born
September 14, 2011
I got my first rc helicopter
February 14, 2013
I arrived in Canada
March 14, 2015
I got a new ipad
November 6, 2015
I got my ps4

Aug 30, 2016
my birthday

Section #7 School Days
My school’s name is Sargent park, My Principal’s name is Mrs. Krosney, i do not know a lot about her. The best time i had in school is in gr 6, during recess me, Harry and the others were playing four square and we had a lot of fun.
Section #8 Future plans
  • I hope to be a computer programmer as a career, because i like to know more about computers and technologies. I wanna travel all over Europe and asia when i grow up too. When i am older I would want to live in France and learn their language and tryout new foods there. When i am 25 years old i might have a shorter hair than right now and i might change my style. I might colour my hair with brown maybe, and i might not be tall. 
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