Sergio Perez-Custodio autobiography and timeline

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hi my name is Sergio Perez-Custodio

Who Am I

Section #1: The Bare Facts
Hi I am Sergio Perez-Custodio. I have black hair and brown eyes. i’m am also 5’10” in size. i was born on December. 20, 2002 so i'm 13 years old. i wasn't named after anyone that i know of, my birthstone is Tanzanite, and my astrological sign is Sagittarius.
Section #2:  family
i am an only child in my family, i have my caring mom, my serious type dad, and my cool uncle who i love to spend time with. other family members i have are my grandpa, he is very was and caring for me and my other family members. i also have my grandma, she is very caring but can be a bit to overprotective towards me. my ethnic background is Portuguese on my mom's side, and Guatemalan on my dad's side
Section #3 my home

I live in a duplex on the top floor, I don’t really have a backyard but I have a porch and a small front yard. I have a big bedroom with lots of posters on the wall and figure statues on the shelves and tables. We have a living room and two bedrooms, my mom sleeps in one while the other one is completely empty.
And I have lived somewhere else, I’ve lived at my grandma’s house and I lived on Jefferson Avenue awhile back.

Section #4 friends over the years

  • Joshua
  • Jackson
  • Eric
  • Danielle

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