Will's Timeline and autobiography

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Hi my name is will, this is my autobiography

I like to play video games.

Who am I?

 The Bare Facts
My name is William Antonin Edward Mazur.
I have brown hair, hazel eye color.
I’m somewhere around 5’8”
I’m 13, Born May 19, 2003.
I was not named after anyone.
My birthstone is an emerald, my zodiac sign is a Bull.

I’m the youngest  in my family. My Mom, brown hair, likes to do politesse. My Dad, brown hair, likes to watch sports on Television.  My oldest sister, brown hair, likes Hip Hop. (Type of music)My other sister, brownish hair, likes Ska. (Type of music)My grandmother, (mom’s side) has grey hair, lives at a retirement home. My Grandpa, (dad’s side) grey hair, likes Golf. I have two cats, two Betta fish and one rabbit. My oldest cat, is ten, and likes to lie down with me when I sleep. My other cat, he’s seven and likes to play fetch with a string. My Rabbit, is 2? And likes to eat and come in the living room and rest. My Two Betta fish, one has been in my house since grade 6.  My other fish lives with my Dad. I had him since grade 6 too!

Your home
My real home is with my Mom who lives in a house. My dad is living in an apartment.My dad has lived in a lot of places in the past! I enjoyed them all!First he lived in an apartment with an outdoor pool, then a house, but he got robed so he moved, then another apartment, then another, with an indoor pool and a mall with a Saulsberry house and an IGA. That one was my favorite! Then he moved to another apartment, then another, and he had a friend and lived with her in a Condo for half a year, then he moved to where he is now. My mom has been at her house for years is not planning to move. My bedroom is small, I have a TV in it, but I can only use it for video games because I don’t have a cable for it. One of my fishes is in there too.
Friends over the years

My friends I has over the years were Troy, Keith, Sergio, Harry (moved). Troy is calm, sometimes funny, and nice to be around. I knew him since grade 5, first saw him in grade 4.Keith can be funny too and likes to hang out, first time I saw him was in grade 1. Sergio has changed over the years and liked things a lot for a few months and got over it, and now he’s Gothic. Harry moved away, he was a good friend and sometimes bought me some stuff, I wish he was still here so I can give him something in return.

May 19, 2003
I Was Born

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