Maria's Timeline and Autobiography

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Hi my name is Maria. This is my autobiography.


Who am I?
Section #1: The Bare Facts
My full name is Maria Angela Penales Fabros. I have a very dark brown hair colour that looks like it's black, and I have a brown eye colour. I am 5’2”. I am currently 13 and my birthday is on January 7, 2003. I was named after my mom whose name is also Maria. I was born in Saudi Arabia. Garnet, is the birthstone of January. My birth sign is Capricorn. My zodiac element is Earth.

Section #2: Family
We wouldn’t be alive without our family.I am the middle child, I have a younger sister. I have a dad that’s hardworking, but he embarrasses me all the time, and he likes to be updated with the new trends. I have a very caring mom that laughs and smiles almost every second. I have a brother and he is 2 years older than me, he loves playing video games and he teaches me advanced subjects at times when he has the time. I have a younger sister who is a year younger, and she looks up to me quite a lot. I'm Filipino, but I was born in Saudi Arabia.I don’t have any pets, but my sister and I are planning to get a puppy once we’re responsible.

Section #3: Your home
We have a house that is just right. We have 2 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, a living room, a small kitchen, an attic and a basement. I have lived in Saudi Arabia and there was no houses there, there were only apartments. We have a house back in the Philippines and my dad actually built it for us, but we never really go there since we barely go to the Philippines. When we came here to Canada 4-5 years ago, we lived with my “tita” which is aunt in Tagalog for a few months and moved into a small house. We then bought a house 3 years ago.

Section #4: Friends over the years
I’ve had quite a lot of friends since I lived in two different places in my whole life. My best friends back then were Sarah, Gilian and Joan but we are no longer connected in any way which is pretty sad. And here in Canada I have a lot to name so I’ll name a few like Maekelle and Bush. All of them were loyal, and nice and they were all trustworthy and dependable. Since we have to make 2 different best times I’ve had with my friends, I’ll name 1 from Saudi and 1 here in Canada. Honestly, I love every moment with my friends. Back in Saudi, I will never forget when I was in prep I graduated so I can finally go to grade 1. And here in Canada I will never forget my 13th birthday. I usually play sports with my friends, and usually spend my time texting them.

Section #5: You
I'm usually a very loud person. I can be very annoying. At times I can be very mean but at the most of the time I’m be very nice and caring. I’m a very friendly person and I will make friends with anyone nice and as long as they don’t do anything wrong & I dont get influenced in a bad way. I can also be very shy, but it depends on what the situation is. I stole a pencil. I love spending time with my family, I also love playing sports. I have a habit of playing with my fingers whenever I lie or I’m nervous. No one can make me watch horror movies because I was “traumatized” when I was around 5-6 years old. Im part of the Sargent Park Athletic Team. I won a plaque last year for volleyball and basketball, but they took my plaque for basketball, so I only have my volleyball plaque. I won the plaque for volleyball on our very first SPIT tournament. I admire RiceGum (Bryan Le) because he’s the best person alive and I love him more than anyone (not really).

Section #8: Future Plans
In the future I’m planning to become either a chef or a teacher. I'm planning to travel the world with my family especially my parents so they can enjoy their lives while they're still alive and happy. I have a bucket list on which I will try to accomplish if I had a chance to. Once i'm older, I’m planning to live in the U.S so my mom can be with her family. To be more specific I’d like to live in NYC or LA. If not my second choice would be here in Winnipeg since i'm probably going to be here for a couple of years. And my 3rd choice is to go back in the Philippines because that's where my parents grew up and I really want to see whats its like to live in the Philippines. I honestly have no idea what I’m going to look like in 10 years since I haven't really thought about it.

January 7, 2003
I was born
May, 25, 1997
My parent’s wedding
May 2012
Immigrated to Canada
September 2013-2014
Went Sargent Park

August 2016
I went to the States

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