Myhlee's timeline and autobiography

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hi my name is Myhlee and this is my autobiography.

I like candy


Who am I?
Section #1: The Bare Facts
  • My full name is Myhlee Sok Pov
  • My hair colour is brown and my eye colour is brown
  • My height 5
  • I am 13 years old and my birthday is on April 25th 2003
  • I am named after my cousin
  • My birth stone is diamond and my birth sign is Taurus
Section #1: Family
  • I am the youngest in my family
  • My brother looks like my dad and he is kind and respectful most of the time. My mom looks like my grandmother (on my mom side) she is super nice but she very overly protective she does not play much attention to others. Last there is my dad, he is very different from the rest of my family he like very overly protective just like my mom and does not like anyone coming into the house.
  • My ethnic origin is Cambodian
  • I do not have any pets
Section #3: your home
  • The house I live in now is a simple white and blue house and I have lived in it for 8 years now. My house has an upstairs and a downstairs. Upstairs there 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and a bathroom. My mom, dad and I live upstairs and my brother lives downstairs. My mom and I share a room, my dad has his own room and my brother has the whole basement to himself. My house has a medium sized backyard. Inside my house I have a living room, two bedrooms, bathroom and a kitchen. In my living room there are two sofas, three storage shelves and a mini table. In my bedroom 2 beds one for me and one for my mom and I also have two dressers stacked on top of each other and my mom has a secret closet. In my dad’s room he has a bed, a TV a storage shelve and a closet. In the kitchen there is an oven, stove, microwave, fridge, sink, table, storage shelves, dish rack and a rice cooker. And finally in the bathroom there is a toilet, sink, mirror/cabinet, bathtub, shower, storage shelves and makeup bins. Now going downstairs down stairs there are three storage rooms  

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