Labib's Timeline and Autobiography

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Hi my name is Labib this is  my autobiography

I like to play Soccer 

Who Am I?
Date 9/26/2016                         Event
Section 1
1 Full name Labib Rana.
2 Hair black eye color brown.  
3 Height 6.3 ft. Age 13 birth date 1/ 2/ 2003.
              4   Where u named after anyone. My dad’s name is rana and I like that name that’s why he chose    to put it in my name.
6 Include interesting facts about you- Don’t have any interesting thing about me.

Section 2
Family position – oldest. Describe each member of your family. Dad he is 5.8 ft. and he dose accountant and tax file and other stuff that in it. He likes to enjoy with the family. Mom she is 5.5 ft. she likes to cook and she loves to take pics, Family pic- Ethnic origin. Bangladesh.  Any pets? - Don’t have any.

Section 3
Describe your home! - In my house I have 4 bedrooms and 1 large living room and 1 long basement and also wide and medium kitchen and the whole house has carpet step for the kitchen and one play room and 3 garages and the backyard is medium and the front yard is large, and I have 2 bathroom there r big and small. Have you lived anywhere else? I lived an apartment before I came here and it has 2 bedrooms’ small kitchen and medium living room that’s all and a small bathroom.

Section 4
List some friends- Justin, Bono, Veni, Aron, Mabel, Bea, Mylee, Raphael, T.j, and Arthur….\ Describe two of the best times you’ve had over the years with your Friends- my friends and me played basketball and soccer and football and volleyball………. Hobbies- I love playing sports, sing, video games, using technology, and hanging out with family/friends, and BBQ.

Section 5

Personality happy, funny, kind, generous, helpful. Faults. I get an annoyed a lot and people can make me smile really fast. Interests- I am really good at soccer, good at volleyball, and badminton. Any clubs. I am in CBA club. Award- when we played soccer we won 2nd and got an award and medals. Admire- I admire my family because they have been with me my whole life they took care of me and bought me food and they give me love.

Section 6
23 Time line- in grade 4 I went to visit my grandparents it's was really fun to hang around them and play with them and eat with them. In grade 5 I got my glasses and I didn’t like to wear them at all I hated wearing glasses but I got use to when I was halfway to grade 6 then my friends had glasses to. In grade 6 I was a good leader in soccer I was the best played and my team was also good they supported me a lot. In gr 7 I came to Sargent park school and I meet the flames family then I became one of the flames member I felt good about it I had a heat inside me and the heat never let me down. Then I went to grade 8 and I am having fun meeting the cool teachers and having a lot of fun with them they're nice and kind they help me a lot.      Image result for flames sargent park
Section 7
Which School do I go? I go to Sargent Park where the flames are alive. Best time at school gym is my favorite time of school.
Section 8
Future I want to educate in life and pass UFM. Where do u hope to live- I want to live Germany because that’s my dream place to have a Lamborghini. Describe what u look like in 25 years- I would have white hairs and be taller. I would have a car and a house. I would have longer arms and longer legs and have a lot of hair in my body.

i was born
7 /8/2016
i went to ban ff
i went to Edmonton 
i went to Disneyland
we had a party
i went to USA
I went to Ottawa.

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